4 Reasons to Include Digital Printing and Variable Data in your Marketing Plan

Are you using Digital Printing and Variable Data as part of your marketing strategy in 2019? You should be! Here’s why:

1 – Shorter Turnaround: With digital printing, there are no lengthy setups so we can get your job done fast. Our added promise: since we are printing in-house, we closely monitor the quality of your job every time!

2 – Affordable: Because we save on time, we save you on high set up fees!  Choosing digital print gives you lower per costs price for most print runs, and as your quantity goes up you can save more.

3 – High Quality: Today’s advances have increased the quality and accuracy of digital printers, and Bellia has invested in top of the line digital printers to increase quality prints comparable to offset printing.

4 – More Options: In this ever growing technology era, digital printing has evolved to offer advanced printing techniques like foil stamping, die cuts, raised printing, UV & aqueous finishes, binding options, and variable data personalization.

And why you are at it, use Variable Data to personalize your materials!

By using Variable Data to customize your mail pieces, Bellia Print and Design can tailor the project to speak directly to your customer, increase interest and ensure that your mail marketing efforts are more effectively!

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