5 Ways To Use Stickers In Business


Stickers are not just for child’s play! They can be used as a cost-effective marketing tool, offering much versatility, while creating brand awareness.  Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate stickers into your marketing efforts:

Product Packaging: Use a sticker as an information source to give the details/instructions about your product. Or include your store name and info on a sticker, and turn a plain paper bag into a decorative one for your customers’ purchases.

Handouts at Events: People love free swag, and stickers are fun! Especially if it has a creative, bright design.  This is an easy way to get your company info out there.

Name Badges: If your company has a big conference coming up, and you don’t want to deal with safety pins or lanyards, go with the classic sticker badge.

With Purchase: When a customer purchases an item, add a sticker in their bag that features the company’s information. Once they realize how much they love their purchase, they just might pass the sticker on to a friend.

General Marketing:  Include your company name, website, and phone number on the sticker.  Put them in visible spots such as your briefcase, or hand them out to passerby and see where they end up.

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