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The staff at our two South Jersey printing locations consists of a group of hard working, kind, helpful, energetic individuals who get the job done.

A business built on the roots of our ancestors; we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for our family.   Our company is built upon a foundation of core values originating from Salvatore and Nancy Bellia in 1973.  Over three generations we have held true to our values, fostered the growth of Bellia Printing through honesty and integrity, and most importantly welcome team members as part of the family.

 Our staff is a group of hard working, intelligent, kind, helpful, energetic and sometimes silly individuals who unite as one to get the job done.  Meet the people who help make Bellia Printing a success.


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The Beginning

It all started with Salvatore & Nancy Bellia and a passion for success.  In 1973 they made their dream a reality and purchased a printing company on North Broad Street in Woodbury, NJ.  Their hard work and dedication was clear from the beginning, and their vision and core values remain a strong driving force behind our company’s mission.  From the very beginning Salvatore’s sons Tom & Anthony Bellia were involved in helping run the family business.  In 1987, they helped to start the office furniture division.

Dedicated Leaders

Tom and Anthony Bellia, second generation leaders, moved onward expanding upon the company’s vision.  Anthony pioneered the office furniture business division while Tom led the printing business. Together, with the support of family, they fostered the growth of the Bellia company legacy through decades of economic challenges and changing times.  With hard work, the willingness to learn and adapt, second generation Bellia proved itself worthy of becoming an award winning regional organization. Tom and Anthony Sr. succeeded in establishing a reputation of service, integrity, and unparalleled quality products to offer and serve the community.

Bellia22254Succession Planning

Over a 10 year period, Tom and Anthony Sr. worked diligently to ensure that their sons were equipped to continue their grandparent’s legacy with the same strong values and passion for success.  Anthony, Andrew, and Michael Bellia have taken major strides to rise to the challenge set by their fathers.  Anthony & Tom Bellia are still actively involved as Board members and advisers to their successors.   The third generation son’s, who all grew up working for the family business, are passionate and excited about growing the company into the future.  Their mission is to consistently explore new areas of growth for the company while maintaining our quality commitment to our customers and community.

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