The power of thank you cards

thank you cards

Thank you cards: The small gesture of a handwritten thank you can go a long way. These personalized notes can help build relationships with new customers, and let loyal ones know how much you appreciate their business.

Thank you cards can be kept short and sweet – just a few sentences long. Only taking a minute or two to write, they’re also an easy way to brighten your recipient’s day. If you have an upcoming promotion or event, or a coupon, it’s a great idea to include that when mailing the thank you.

When to send thank you cards:

 After an event

 After a purchase

 After a meeting

 After a referral

 Just for being a loyal customer

We have a talented graphic design team at Bellia Print & Design who can help you personalize your thank you cards. Using your logo and special message to create custom business stationery is an effective way to spread your brand identity and leave a lasting impression with your customers!