Tips for getting noticed at Trade Shows and Expos

The craft show and expo season is in full swing, and if you are going to be attending, it is important for you to get the attention it deserves.  Here are a few tips to help your booth stand out from the rest:


Secure a Great Location

Securing the best space that you can afford is worth it.  Sometimes a good space is too expensive, so you can try to partner up with another business so that you can share the cost.  One of the best locations to choose is facing the end of a long row, that way people will be walking towards you all day and your brand will get noticed.  


Customize your backdrop.  A custom backdrop will help your brand stand out from the rest.  Oftentimes expos and craft shows feature hundreds of other vendors, so customizing your backdrop can creating an inviting and personalized space for customers to visit.


Hang a banner. One of the best ways to advertise your brand is with  a banner that uses bold colors. By displaying your banner is a spot that can be easily seen, people who are walking by are going to want to stop and take a look.


Provide business cards.  By keeping a stack of business cards on your table, it will guarantee that potential customers will remember you.  Make sure that your business cards include your website, so customers can see what your have to offer.


Distribute Brochures. Sometimes at big expos or shows, you are too busy to get to every customer immediately.  While people are waiting to speak to you, you can let them view a brochure to find out more about you.


Display signage. Printed signage is easy to hang from piping or display on tabletops.Custom signage will allow customers to know what they are looking at and the price.


Getting ready for a trade show or expo, at Bellia Print & Design, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who can help you create and customize everything you need.  Call us today for more information.