Unique Business Cards Are Good For Business

unique business cards

Let’s explore why unique business cards are good for business. Business cards should be a staple of every company’s marketing materials. Not only do they give the recipient basic information about you, and your business, they also make a first impression and can have a lasting impact on how people receive your company.

When you meet someone new in a professional setting, one of the first things you do is hand them a business card. This is the first glimpse they will have into your professional role and the company you are representing- you want your business card to reflect those, both accurately and positively. It should depict your brand image and professionalism, as well as standout from the dozens of other cards they will also be handed that day. This isn’t just an introduction, it’s a marketing opportunity.

Creating unique business cards

There are a number of ways you can make unique business cards that stand out from the rest- not just with size, shape, color, or medium, but also with what you choose to put on it. You may consider putting your photo on on it so that people can put a face to the name long after that initial meeting. It adds to the familiarity of your company’s brand and makes it easier to tell you apart from your competition.

You could give your unique business cards a purpose by turning them into a bookmark, note card, or something else practical and usable, that way every time the recipient goes to use it, they’re thinking about you and your company. It keeps you fresh in their minds.

Does your company participate in local charitable foundations or give back regularly? You could include a small tagline on the card letting people know that. Instead of just giving your card out to earn you more business, you can also use it to make a difference. This will also help recipients gain a better understanding about what drives you, both professionally and personally.

While unique business cards are important, equally important is the exchange you have with the recipient. Use unique business cards as a conversation starter so that you can better understand the person’s needs, interests, and business goals.

Think back to your last professional exchange. Do you remember who you spoke to and what their business card looked like? Do some stand out more than others? Use that information when you’re considering your own unique business cards and the goals you have for them. And if you’re unsure of what will work best for you and your company’s needs, contact us to get more information about our design and printing services. Our in-house design team can help you come up with a design and card consistent with your brand image and needs.