Four Graphic Design Tips for Print Marketing

graphic design tips

If you handle your own graphic design in house, here are 4 graphic design tips to ensure that your artwork is print ready.

1) Image size matters- Just because an image looks clear on a computer, does not mean that it will print the same way. The ppi and dpi needed for a computer image is far lower than that needed for a printed image. If you print and blow up a digital image it’ll be pixelated and blury. Not the type of image that will convey your company’s quality and professionalism. This is probably the most important of our 4 graphic design tips.

2) You must use professional, commercial approved images- An unprofessional, blurry image would not be an accurate depiction of your businesses products and/or services. A picture definitely says 1000 words, so you want to be careful when choosing images for print. Before using it, ask yourself- does it accurately represent my brand? Would I approach a business advertised in that way? If the answer is yes, read the fine print on the image to ensure that it can be used for commercial use.

3) Colors on the screen and on paper may vary if you aren’t using the right computer settings- the colors you see on your screen may not translate exactly the same onto paper.

4) Print lines and Bleed- Depending on the size at which you are planning to print, your image may be cropped slightly. You want to make sure the important parts of your image, text, the focal point, etc., are within the print lines, but the image also needs to continue to the bleed lines or when you print, you may end up with an unwanted white space around your image.

You won’t need graphic design tips if you hire Bellia

There is a lot that goes into creating polished and professional images. In order to get the most out of your time and money, it may be more beneficial to hire an expert. At Bellia Print & Design our formally trained graphic designers specialize in the latest digital design platforms. They are experts in creating professional, print ready images, and they will work directly with you throughout the revision process to ensure that the finished product matches your company’s message. For more information on our graphic design services, visit us here.