5 reasons to add direct mailings to your non-profit fundraising strategy

reasons to add direct mailings to fundraising
add direct mailings to your  fundraising efforts

There are many reasons to add direct mailings to fundraising. Many non-profits utilize the phone and internet. While it may take courage to call a donor, it doesn’t cost anything. And an email is easy to write and send. But direct mail sets you apart from the competition, and it has a longer lifespan than either of the other two options.  And although it may take a bit more time, the benefits are worth it. Especially when you have a trusted professional to guide you.

5 reasons to add direct mailings to fundraising

  1. Mailing to your house file is almost always profitable- your house file is your current donor list- those that have given to your organization in the past. If they have donated before, they are very likely to do so again as past behavior is an excellent predictor of future behavior.  
  2. Prospecting is a good way to get new, consistent donors- while mailing to your house file is a must, prospecting is also important. This is when you send a mailing to people who have never contributed to your organization. This list can be one you purchased, borrowed from a fellow non-profit, or that you compiled on your own. They are cold leads and while you may receive a smaller number of donations from this list, it is worth it because those donors will then move to your house file and donate on multiple occasions over time.
  3. Your list is money- if someone has given to your organization through mail in the past, they will most likely do so again. This is why your house file is so important. And also why you need to treat your list with respect. Don’t over-solicit by sending letters constantly, but don’t under communicate and only reach out when you want something from them. Update your donors on current happenings and events within your non-profit with a newsletter or update, send thank you letters, not just for donations, but for general support, and send out something around the holidays to let them know they’re important to you for more than their money.
  4. Stay in touch – your donors keep your non-profit going and are incredibly important. By having scheduled direct mailings, you are putting your non-profit in front of your contributors multiple times a year while informing them about the organization and letting them know what you’ve done with their gifts. People are more likely to donate again when they can see what their previous contribution has done.
  5. While it takes time to develop a strong direct mail campaign, it will bring in consistent donations over time, introduce you to new contributors, and help you to build a solid relationship with your donors. Those are incredibly important things to a non-profit, and all can be achieved through direct mail.

Once you decide to move forward with your direct mail campaign, it is important to work with a professional to make sure your mailings include everything needed to get you the greatest possible response. At Bellia Print and Design, our goal is to help you get the most of your mailing, and we can assist you with each step of the process. We will help you send a test mailing to your house file, and then work with you to create the right mailing for your prospective list. And if you don’t have a specific prospect list, we can help you source one.

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