Direct Mail Options

direct mail options
When planning a direct mail campaign it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the many direct mail options.  From locating a mailing list, designing your campaign, postal size regulations and postage specifications there are a lot of details that cannot go overlooked! Which is why at Bellia Print and Design we will gladly help you through the entire process. Our 40+ years in the industry has made us experts in managing mailing campaigns. We can advise you of the different mailing list options, have an in house designer create your mailer and even offer a large postal discount!

You can also expand your reach, find and reach your ideal customers by purchasing targeted lists, and use variable data to customize your message. And if you’re running a nonprofit, you can increase membership and fundraising by reaching prospects and maintaining a relationship with current donors.

Understand the different direct mail options


  • Variable Data – Make your direct campaigns stand out from the rest with personalized messaging on you mailer! With Variable Data you are able to add a name to your digital image!
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services- EDDM is designed to help businesses market themselves to their local community or specific neighborhood/geographical areas. It’s an affordable way to expand your company’s reach without specific addresses. Use the tool on the USPS website to choose specific postal routes by searching zip codes. Once you have your routes picked out, we design, print, and deliver to every address on your selected routes. This option provides your company full saturation mailing at a highly discounted mailing rate.  By hiring Bellia to take care of this for you, you will save time, reach new customers, deliver the perfect message, and save money.
  • Targeted Mailing Lists – purchase a list that matches your demographics!

There are a lot of direct mail options, but Bellia can handle it all. Our design and marketing team has the expertise to help you create the perfect message, get your project done on time, and within your budget. By combining our high quality, in-house printing solutions and a guaranteed accurate database of listings, we ensure that your mailing will reach your target on time. Check out our website for more information about all your direct mail options.