What to Include on an Invoice

The invoice is vital to any business transaction. In a sea of never ending papers, it’s important that your customer can easily find the invoice from your company, clearly understand what services they are receiving, and how much they owe.

Here’s what you should include on your invoice:

Company logo. Business forms should be a continuation of your brand, making it easy for the customer to know which company this specific invoice is from.

The word “invoice.” The customer will want to make sure they have the correct document in hand.

Company/seller contact information.  If the customer has a question they can easily get in touch.

Customer contact information.  The seller may need to follow up with a customer, or deliver the goods or services to the customer’s address.

Invoice Number.  The number will help the seller easily pull up and track info on the goods/services purchased.

Date invoice was issued. Always include the date the invoice was created.

Date balance is due. The seller should be clear about when the balance is due, and how much they will owe if payment is late.

Balance owed. The seller should include the total amount of goods/services purchased, balance due, taxes, handling fees and any other charges associated with the transaction.

Description of goods or services. The customer should know exactly what he/she is getting and the quantity.

Thank you.  It’s always a nice gesture to thank customers for their business. You can even include promotional discount codes for future orders here as well.


At Bellia, we have a wonderful graphic design team that can help you design new forms for your business with your logo, company information and color themes, or you can supply your files to us for professional high-quality printing at affordable prices.  Besides invoices, other business forms frequently ordered from our customers include: Order forms, estimates, receipt books, NCR-carbonless sheets, contracts, and personnel and HR documents.  Our goal is to help you represent your brand and clearly inform your clients with effective eye-catching forms for your business.