7 Secret Tips To Improve Your Brochures

improve your brochures

Want to improve your brochures? Did you know that your brochure can be the most impactful marketing piece for your company? You can mail it to potential clients to introduce them to your brand, or you can leave it after a sales call to reinforce your sales pitch. Providing you with flexibility on when you want to deliver your message without having to customize it for each individual sales stage.

Today’s post is going to provide you with 7 secret tips to improve your brochures so that your design can help deliver results!

  1. Logo – make it memorable and consistent
  2. Less is more – ensure that you have a right balance between your text/photo ratio
  3. Colors – draw attention to your brochure with coordinating colors and pictures that draw the reader in.
  4. Use headlines to convey valuable information
  5. Make sure your contact information is legible
  6. Include a call to action
  7. Proofread your brochure, and then ask a friend to do the same!

At Bellia Print and Design we can help you improve your brochures so they convey vital information effectively all while ensuring that you are speaking to your audience with a bold design that is sure to impress your target audience.

At Bellia Print and Design, we offer full color, double-sided printing on Text Gloss or Matte Paper stock with various coating options and sizes to make your brochure stand out and speak to your customer with style.  You can choose to send us your creation for print or speak directly with our graphic designer to bring your ideas to life in a professional, eye-catching design.  Our state of the art printing equipment allows us to control the quality in-house, so there are no minimum order requirements, and you can get what you need fast with service and quality you can trust.